Lessons from my time with David Ogilvy

Drayton Bird


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If you seek success in marketing you know who David Ogilvy was. Drayton Bird worked for 8 years closely with that great man and he is one of the very few people alive who knew him intimately. But he has never before spoken in detail about Ogilvy. What kind of person was Ogilvy? What can you learn from him?<br><br>Drayton reveals how he met him, and why he was totally unique. He even shows you a clip of David teaching his staff. <br><br>It is 10 years since Drayton last visited Prague. He is not likely to come again. Don’t miss this.

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Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird

Owner | Drayton Bird Associates

“Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.” Now that's not our own quote, that would be the great David Ogilvy talking. Drayton has more successful campaigns under his boot than anyone else we've ever had over. He even met the real Don Draper! And now he's coming to Prague to tell us why our ads sometimes suck so badly.

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