Fighting Ad-Fraud: Understanding Monetization of the Internet

Shailin Dhar


Lecture description

Shailin Dhar and Praneet Sharma are the founders of the consultancy, Method Media Intelligence. They will cover the basics of Ad Fraud: what it is, why it happens, how it's done, and what everyone can do individually to help stop it. Praneet and Shailin believe that an advertising industry with a better understanding of general internet monetization will be armed to prevent losses to fraud and cyber-crime.

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About speaker

Shailin Dhar

Shailin Dhar

Method Media Intelligence | Founder and Director of Research

Shailin Dhar describes himself as an advocate for cleaning up supply chains in advertising. His company Method Media Intelligence helps big companies all over the world discover where they’re leaking money on digital ads and aims to make the market more transparent.

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