High Volume Media Buying Strategies From The Trenches

Jim Banks

PPC Online advertising 2016

Lecture description

Having spent in excess of $200 million buying traffic you make many mistakes as you learn what works and what doesn't. Jim will share some of the most successful strategies he employed as he takes you on a journey that includes gambling, travel, sub-prime finance, ringtones, travel again and beyond. He'll also talk about some of his most epic and expensive disasters and how you can avoid making the same mistakes. A presentation full of anecdotes, occasional swearing, plenty of AHA moments and a ton of takeaways you can turn into traffic, leads and sales.

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About speaker

Jim Banks

Jim Banks

Director of Paid Media at Groove

Jim has had a colourful career in paid media spanning almost twenty years and he's widely considered to be one of the most influential PPC experts in the UK.

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