Pioneering multi-channel attribution for the lack of comprehensive solutions

Lucie Šperková

Data Customer Experience Programmatic 2016

Lecture description

Recently, multi-channel attribution has become an increasingly debated topic in digital advertising. Marketing performance analysts agree that standalone metrics such CPA or CPM ignore either the observable effort or observable performance and need to be tied together, but they cannot agree on an ultimate approach towards attribution. There is no uniform framework, but there are many criteria which should be followed, depending on the business case and type of performed campaigns. This lecture may be slightly provocative – Lucie will tell us about why Adexpres decided to move from the built-in attribution models in media platforms such a Google Analytics to their own models and how they work with it.

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About speaker

Lucie Šperková

Lucie Šperková

Data Analyst, Adexpres

Lucie has both academic and practical experience in Business Intelligence in banking, e-commerce and marketing environments. She was at the beginning of the largest Czech data warehouse development based on cloud-computing technologies. After that she joined the digital media company Adexpres to help with their data-driven solutions using Keboola. Lucie is now living in Sydney where she continues her doctoral research program in Customer Analytics.

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