Culture Vs Technology - How to really transform for the future

Tom Goodwin


Lecture description

Everyone talks about change but few have. Companies want to appear different, youthful, digitally transformed but how many have the courage and imagination to do so. Digital transformation often seems like cosmetic surgery, when perhaps your company needs therapy or to die and have children. What we are so keen to ascribe to technology is more often best explored by humanity. In this provocative but pragmatic session, Tom will ask questions and offer practical solutions to explore the modern world, what's changing, what models there are to transform, and give real life examples and suggestions to thrive in the future.

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other lectures from Marketing Festival 2020.

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Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin

Executive VP | Zenith

A visionary. Tech guru. Words like these are guaranteed to set everyone’s bullshit detector on fire, but with Tom, they make a whole lot of sense. Tom has an incredible ability to ask provocative, hard-hitting questions, constantly trying to understand what holds us back and where the future opportunities lie. In 2020, he’s coming to Prague with a brand new lecture prepared exclusively for the Festival audience!

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