We Must Scare Our Clients

Joe Wade


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In today's market the biggest risk is not taking risk and so if your client isn't worried by your concepts, there's a possibility that you're doing it wrong. Our job is to drag clients out of their comfort zone into the creatively risky territory that makes them think they could lose their job. It's not easy and you'll end up going grey and drinking like a fish, but as long as the risks you're taking are calculated and based on a sound strategy, you will create advertising you're proud of, that exceeds your client's wildest dreams. Find out why good advertising needs risk to thrive.

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Joe Wade

Joe Wade

Co-founder and MD | Don't Panic

Wanna make an ad go viral? Ask Joe Wade. His creative agency Don't Panic is responsible for some of the most successful advertising campaigns of the last decade, earning tons of industry awards along the way. Joe knows a great deal about what's behind great advertising and we're incredibly glad to bring his know-how to our stage.

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